cleanclicker 1k 2,5 mm

Item No.: MCC-CC2501K

Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner

Cleans up to 1,200 2.5mm connectors with a single tool


  • Cleans SC, FC, ST, APC, UPC and E2000 connectors
  • Adapter cleaning, connector cleaning, APC cleaning
  • Use to clean OptiTap® connectors


  • 1,000+ speedy cleans in each tool for the lowest cost per clean
  • High purity cleaning strand removes dust, particulate and oil contamination
  • Pen-style tool cleans 90% of all connectors with just a single click instead of 2-4 clicks
  • Gentle activation will not damage end-faces during cleaning
  • Proprietary bundled microfiber cleaning strand
  • Made with static dissipating materials to prevent static build up during tool movement
  • Compact size is ideal for tool kits and belts
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Sticklers™ +1000 CleanClicker™ uses a proprietary bundled microfibre cleaning strand that yields at least 1,000 cleans per clicker.

Tests confirm that each clicker delivers up to 1,200 cleans for long service life and the lowest cost per clean.

Made with static dissipative materials, it prevents static buildup during tool movement that attracts dust to the end face with cleaning.

Technicians will appreciate using this compact tool that leads the industry in performance and number of cleans per clicker.

For additional cleaning performance, use Sticklers™ Fibre Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner II cleaning fluid for a perfectly clean fibre end face every time.

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cleanclicker 1k 2,5 mm

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