hydrolux waterleak detector

Item No.: HL700-VS


consists of;

  • HLE 7000, Hydrolux receiver
  • Bluetooth headphones August EP 650
  • PAM CORR-2; Active universal microphone 2,5m
  • Mains supply SM-SNG FW8000USB 5V / 2,2A
  • VK 130, connection cable HL 7000
  • HL 7000-C-K, Compact case for HL 7000
  • "Software Download" guide
  • mounting set belt clip, HL 7000
  • USB car charger 2.4A 1xOutput
  • Screw driver Multi-Tool
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Hydrolux HL 700-VS is the 'light' version of the HL7000 PRO, the solution that helps you locate water leaks by detecting noise from underground networks. This underground sound detection system accurately retransmits all leakage frequencies, both low (such as those found on semi-rigid PE or PVC pipes) and high (such as on steel pipes or cast iron).

The HL 700-VS has the same central control unit as its big brother, but uses a universal piezo contact microphone instead of a wind-shielded ground microphone. Complete composition:
• control unit with a GPS module, which records and writes the values on a touchscreen
• piezo contact microphone
• Bluetooth® headset that allows you to listen to recorded sounds;
• Hydrolux View software
• compact plastic transport case

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hydrolux waterleak detector

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