hand-held leak locator

Item No.: HL 50-BT

Leak locator set HL 50-BT

- main unit HLE 50-BT
- Bluetooth headset
- mini V2A listening tip d 10 x 31mm
- 2 VST-2 extension rods
- 1 magnetic adapter
- 2 adapters for non-magnetic square diam 20 and 42 mm, AD S-20 & AD S-42
- 230 V socket and cable for mains charging
- transport case for HLE 50-BT-K

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Thanks to its particularly ergonomic shape the HL 50-BT is a single hand operated instrument.
Two operation buttons and a thumb - that‘s all you need to use the HL 50-BT.
In the standard version, the HL 50-BT offers an integrated sensor and bluetooth headphone.
There are no irritating connection cables. The HL 50-BT therefore offers optimal mobility and is
highly suitable for listening to valve spindles and hydrants, but also to fittings in buildings.
A large LCD display shows the measured sound level simultaneously in numerical form and
as a bar graph. In addition, the currently set frequency filter is displayed. When a measurement
has been completed, the previous measured sound level is indicated on the bar graph.
For great flexibility and professional use, three optional external microphones are available for
the HL 50-BT.

Optional accessories;

PAM B-2 set:  Universal microphones PAM B-2  +  tripod

PAM T-3-1 set; Piezzo contact microphone PAM T-3-1 + holder for HL-50 and probe - foot crossbar

PAM W-2 set; ground microphone, carrying rod, connection cable, tripod

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hand-held leak locator

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